What do we do?

In our fortnightly 30 minutes podcast Adrian and Katja discover things you never thought would exist, never believed are real, never considered possible, like a dog cafe, restaurant, hotel, luxury retreat or fashion parades. We  meet people who have amazing ideas, develop great products and provide fabulous services for dogs..

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You will be able to listen to us from May 2019, on every podcast platform like iTunes. Stay tuned!


Meet the Team

Pupette on mountain
Our Top Dog

Poupette is a passionate product tester with a keen eye for detail and likes going on adventures.

To relax, she plays with the neighbour's cat (quelle horreur !) or hangs out with the horses and would like to be as big as they are. Still a long way to go ... 


Adrian has two dogs ... they are both top dogs. 

He is a radio host, writer, audio book producer, podcaster and voice over artist.

Discover his audio books, books, his own label and his entire life on

Bubenberg Audio & Book.

Adrian also hosts the podcast "Abenteuer Lesen" about children's books (in German).


Katja is currently searching for her 4 legged partner. In the meantime she does quite a bit of dog-sitting.

When she is not looking after or for dogs, she works at a Hungarian community radio called Tilos Radio presenting a music program, a German language show as well as helping out with the French team to improve her language skills. 

In her former life she used to work with Adrian at multi-lingual broadcaster SBS Radio,  ABC Radio and TV,  and as a freelancer for RAI and Radiotelevisione svizzera di lingua italiana (RSI).  

Other Top Dogs
More Top Dogs

We also have more helpers ... because testing is serious business and we need different opinions and tastes.

Our friendly helpers are of all shapes, sizes, fur colour and length, and different personalities.

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